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The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Book Cover Controversy

There is a controversy lighting the book blogosphere on fire this month. When Penguin Books published the cover to their new British edition of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory many people reacted with confusion or anger. Released for the 50th anniversary, the cover depicts a dolled up young girl sitting with a woman who is […]

5 Fantastic Cookbooks You Should Know About

So you devoured A Homemade Life and loved the prose-filled stylings of Molly Wizenberg’s cookbook/memoir. Here are five other text-heavy cookbooks that you might enjoy. The Best New Recipe by Cooks Illustrated Magazine This text-heavy giant is a workhorse in the kitchen. If it was a player on your favorite NFL team, it would be […]

Make Delicious Banana Bread Tonight

Are you in need of an easy homemade dish to bring to a party or potluck? Do you want to try a uniquely delicious take on a classic quick bread? If so, then Molly Wizenberg has a perfect recipe for you. Her take on banana bread in A Homemade Life is well-written and easy to […]